Quinton Douman

Many are hungry for success but few
have an appetite for the process!

Quinton Douman

Great leaders are
Decisive, Deliberate & Determined!

Quinton Douman

Commit only to goals, projects, assignments,
that are aligned to your highest values!

Quinton Douman

Improve your life
with One Habit at a Time

Quinton Douman

Developing people is our highest
value and our greatest privilege!


What people are saying about Quinton Douman

I have had the honor of seeing Quinton in action several times. He is to speaking/consulting as a brush is to an Artist. He has a way to transfer knowledge that is so rare nowadays. What I find most refreshing is how he can relate to someone on the front lines and have a high level discussion with Executives. If you’re looking to build your human capital or create change within your organization, I would recommend speaking with him today.

Brian Parsley

President of Weskill, Charlotte North Carolina

Working with Quinton has been great, he is always calm, articulate, punctual and able to read people very well, and for what he does that is very important as people are different, yet in the corporate world you can seem to get sucked in and lose who you are yet Quinton always seem to find something special and different about each person and therefore handle people differently. I also appreciate the fact that Quinton takes the time to prepare for each session no matter how many times he has done it, I am now referring to the roadshow, no matter how many times we had done the same thing over and over again, you added flavor to each session and adapted quite well to the audience which for me was awesome as we are unique, we want to be spoken to or greeted in our home languages and that generally tends to make people relaxed when you show interest in who they are. Not everyone can do what Quinton does it is a gift and he uses it well.

Nomfundo Hlongwane

Marketing and Events coordinator

Quinton has the ability to engage with customers, stakeholders, colleagues with relative ease. He has a good ability to influence people and get their buy in on initiatives and projects. His preparation for projects, meetings and presentations is one of his strengths and serves him well.””He can translate strategy effectively and have the ability to think both conceptually and practically. He is passionate about the development of people and enjoys working with people. He shows deep care for people and is actively involved in their development. He sets high standards, keep people accountable but is good in providing clarity on expectations. He is honest in his feedback and guidance and makes a point to give individuals specific recognition on what they are doing well. Quinton is a curios person which enjoys new initiatives, challenges and opportunities whilst creating a high performance environment and continuously challenge his own comfort zone to ensure that he develops himself and stay relevant to both himself and his customers.

Juan Lewis

Head of Learning and Development, Johannesburg

The one thing Quinton Douman brings out in me is the way I think. He allows me to think outside the box on almost everything. He shares his knowledge with me whenever we meet. His knowledge of me and the work that I do makes it easy for him to give me advice about the way I approach any of my clients and any situation. Quinton’s positive approach to situations helps me to see things from that aspect.

Brandon Bergman

Wealth Adviser, Johannesburg

Quinton Douman exerts a presence wherever he shows up. If it be on the golf course or the soccer field where he is a gifted sportsman, or on the podium as leader or speaker, Quinton owns the space he enters into. He has a proven record of leadership from a very early stage of his life and has a reputation of building excellent teams. He is a solid individual and principle driven person that has the ability not to only communicate but to really connect with those he engages with.

Pieter van der Merwe

Psychologist and Organisational Development Consultant

Quinton Douman is a phenomenal speaker. Most speakers suggest positive changes you can make to your life, however Quinton delivers this along with practical, sustainable methods to ensure you remain motivated. His talks are the platform from which greatness can be cultivated into a habit.

Megan Stoltenkamp

Discovery Life

I have always enjoyed the enthusiasm Quinton brings to his tasks. Quinton has also made it his personal quest to research global trends and his application of these finding back in to our work has made what he has done relevant and impactful. Quinton is a committed, honest person who demonstrates a high set of ideals, standards and values. His ethics are unquestionable and I have only ever respected and appreciated the support and commitment of this successful person.

Jeff Paul

Divisional Director, Blue Chip Life Insurance Institution Johannesburg

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