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Quinton Douman

Many are hungry for success but few
have an appetite for the process!

Quinton Douman

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Quinton Douman

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Selling 4 a Living - Audio Training Programme

To unlock the magic in sales, loving people is KEY!

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To the owner of a Start-up company, the real estate agent, the Financial Adviser, the car salesman, the freelance photographer, the motivational speaker, the doctor and the lawyer. This program is for you. Whether you are selling sophisticated investment products or the latest organic make-up, this program is for you. You can have the best products, the best services, and the best processes BUT if you don’t have the ability to sell it, your business will fail. Even if your business is an online store and perhaps you never meet your customers face to face, there are still several selling principles that are 100% relevant in online sales.

In a world where time is becoming more precious everyday, this program will assist salespeople to tactfully gain the attention of their prospects. My vision for this program is to give all salespeople a better chance at becoming successful. This program is based on the premise that everyone can be successful at selling. This program is philosophical, strategic and pragmatic.

– Quinton Douman (Director, Manager, Entrepeneur & Personal Development Expert)

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