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Sales Management & Coaching Program

Coaching salespeople from average to good or from good to great is a skill every manager can learn.

The role of the middle manager is probably the one with the greatest potential leverage in any sales organisation but it can also be very tricky. Knowing how to withstand the pressures of targets and very skilfully translating it into a doable and results driven action plan for your sales force is the hallmark of great middle management.

Coaching salespeople from average to good or from good to great is a skill every manager can learn. There is a combination of specific activities and habits that great sales coaches perform.

This is a highly interactive two-day program and participants will come to understand the responsibilities of a successful sales manager and how it differs from the role of a sales person. Participants will explore key leadership skills that will help motivate their sales team to excellence. Additionally, participants will learn specialized sales management skills such as sales forecasting, planning, and monitoring. By the end of this training course participants will be able to:

  • Describe the roles and responsibilities of a sales manager and sales coach.
  • Use sales plans and targeting techniques to achieve better results from sales team members.
  • Prepare a sales forecast and a sales plan.
  • Using assessment tools, properly observe, evaluate, and give feedback, and set performance development objectives to team members.
  • Create an environment that motivates their sales team to perform at their best

Augment your expertise and empower your skills with

  • Sales Management 100%
  • Decision Making 100%
  • Leadership 100%
  • Coaching 100%

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