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Many are hungry for success but few
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Great leaders are
Decisive, Deliberate & Determined!

The Resolve Leadership Program

Great leaders are great decision makers, great leaders are decisive when others are in limbo, and great leaders have the ability to find clarity in the midst of uncertainty.


This is a Personal Development Program designed to empower you to become a master at decision making and become a person with great RESOLVE!… In your personal life, your career, your health, your finances and in your relationships. In the last 15 years I have been very fortunate to work with people from all over the World, poor and wealthy, fit and obese, empty vessels and people with great substance. I have worked with some extremely successful people and some that are on the complete opposite side of the spectrum and the skill that separates the resolute from everyone else is their ability to make good decisions and to carry out their decisions with unwavering perseverance.

Yes, the people with RESOLVE think differently, they believe differently, they act differently but the 3 most striking differences are how they manage to;

  1. Find clarity in the midst of confusion,
  2. They are decisive when most people are living in limbo and
  3. They ooze gravitas when carrying out their decisions.

What is so special about a person with RESOLVE?

Being a person with RESOLVE is more about Progress than it is about Perfection. People with RESOLVE are;

  • Purposeful and Resolute
  • Guided by a specific set of Values and Virtues
  • Both Calculated and Instinctive
  • Determined, Disciplined and Decisive

V to the third POWER!

  • Values = this represents everything you have a very deep appreciation for and evidently place great value on. Here we show you how to identify your highest values and how to use them to make great decisions and live your best life.
  • Vision = This represents your envisaged future, our approach here is slightly different to the very popular Vision Board approach – we will show you how to craft a Vision that is not based on external niceties but one that is inspired by what is already inside of you.
  • Virtues = this part of the program represents the 10 Virtues that all people with RESOLVE live by. Here we show you how critical these Virtues are in both personal and professional circumstances, we spend a significant amount of time showing you how to weave these virtues into your daily decision-making process.

The skill that separates people with RESOLVE from everyone else is their uncanny ability to make decisions when everyone else is in limbo and their capacity to carry out their decisions with unwavering perseverance.

The Great Leaders & Entrepreneurs have superior decision-making skills! Most people have 3 questions around the topic of decision-making: what influences the decisions I make, how can I make better decisions and finally how do I successfully implement the decisions I make? A sentiment we can all relate to is found in the Bible in Romans 7:15 where Paul asks, “What is wrong with me, the things I want to do, I don’t but the very thing I hate, I do!” The Resolve Leadership Program addresses these questions because it provides clarity in decision construction, it enables more meaningful decision-making and facilitates superior decision making implementation.

One of our primary goals during the program will be “Value Identification” using the classic Socratic Method adapted specifically for this program. During the program we will study the 10 VIRTUES and it will change your life forever. You will receive tried and tested decision making tools including 6 decision grids that you can use in almost any personal or business scenario. To assist in your personal development journey, you will also receive a 100-day Habit Formulation Pack and your individual customized Strength Finder report; this one report will highlight your top 5 talents and we will help you use it in your decision making process.

If you find yourself in a position where you would like to make a decision to improve your health, career, business or your relationships then please don’t procrastinate – contact us today!

Augment your expertise and empower your skills with

  • Personal Development 100%
  • Values 100%
  • Decision Making 100%
  • Vision 100%
  • Leadership 100%
  • Virtues 100%
  • Entrepreneurship 100%

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