Rejection – use it to serve you

Oct 7, 2015 | Posts | 0 comments

Rejection is part of life! Use it to serve you! Don’t allow it to immobilize you!

Whenever someone says no it means that in that moment they did not see enough value in what you were offering, this is very important because every moment of rejection is empowering you to refine, adjust and reposition… or to walk away! This pic was taken about 17 months ago while I was on a business trip in Germany and on this particular day I went in with high hopes but came out with a BIG FAT NO! Well, so many months have gone by and the rejection hasn’t stopped, it never does! Sometimes it happens daily and if you take it personally it can destroy you. You have to approach the NO with a spirit of “learning” so that you learn as much as possible about why they said no, sometimes it takes just a small tweak in your product or a slight adjustment in your approach and sometimes a change in attitude but the bottom line is that rejection provides you with valuable information to use to become better at what you’re offering. If you are getting rejected it means you are in the game and that is a WIN in itself. It means that you have moved from being a spectator on the sideline and all that needs to happen now is to show courage and perseverance, learn from the NO and look forward to a wonderful journey of consistent progress.

Sometimes when people say NO they they actually mean NOT NOW… Give it some time and try to stay on their radar … I have seen how people’s minds change about your business over a period of time when they see consistency in your efforts to enhance yourself and your business. Jamey Randall from Randsure Brokers tells a wonderful story about how his Dad repeatedly said, “Just be consistent!” and evidently these three words have had incredible power.

Here’s to every single person who is in the game and giving the best everyday!

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