The people here want to retire here!

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I haven’t written an article for a few months now, but during the last 8 weeks I’ve been working with a group of leaders and managers who happen to be one of the highest producing sales teams for the largest and longest-running life insurance company in South Africa.

As part of our pre-training process, my team and I conducted a series of structured interviews with various people in the company. During one of the interviews, an area manager, George, said something to me that firstly inspired me, and secondly gave me absolute certainty that I would share this with you as soon as I got back to Johannesburg.

George’s area is made up of 8 managers and 124 Salespeople who all play a significant role in the overall success of the region and the organization.

We all have our own philosophy or interpretation of the word commitment, but the one thing we can all agree on is the fact that our level of commitment to a particular thing influences the kind of decisions we will make regarding that thing. If we are in it for the long haul then we find a way to make it work regardless of the circumstances. If we are half-in, we will always be waiting or searching for a way out… especially when the circumstances are not favourable.

If you are the entrepreneur or the salesperson whose one foot is already out the door, then this article is specifically for you.

Back to the interview with George, one of the questions I asked him was, “George, what do believe is your team’s greatest asset right now?” He responded: “Well, Quinton, there are a few things, but for one: the people here want to retire here!”

This is a big deal! To have a team of salespeople with this level of commitment is what many leaders dream of and for George it is a reality. This says a lot about George as a leader but lets focus on the power of the commitment of his sales force. This group has turned “I want to make it work” into “I WILL make it work!”

Isn’t it amazing that some people have the ability to make a firm decision and also have the resolve to see it through? Isn’t it amazing to see what can be achieved when people become so single-minded and focused on making good on a promise they have made to themselves?

I am convinced that our business journey is very much like a relationship. If we have decided that this is something we want to be in, and thrive in, for the long term, then our decisions, thoughts and habits will reflect that decision. The opposite is also true. If the going gets tough and we have not made a firm committed long-term decision, then we will simply wait it out and observe its inevitable and often painful dissolution.

What decisions have you made regarding your business? Or better yet, what decisions do you need to make right now regarding the future of your business?

I would like to help you make a firm decision today by answering three questions:

  1. Is what you are doing/offering/selling addressing a real need in society?
  2. Do you possess the skills, knowledge and/or the product to address this need?
  3. Are you willing to commit to mastering your craft and become one of the best at addressing this need?

If you have answered yes to all these questions, then I invite you today to make a firm long-term decision regarding your business.

If you answered yes to question 1, then you know that what you are doing will provide meaning that transcends your personal success.

If you have said yes to question 2, then you know that you will enjoy the process because you will get to do what you are already gifted/skilled to do every single day.

Lastly, if you have said yes to question 3 then you can look forward to a life that many will never experience, a life filled with steady progress and mastery.

Do right by yourself. Don’t sit on the fence regarding your future. Make a firm decision today and determine in your mind and in your heart that nothing will weaken your resolve.

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