Passion, Traction, Perseverance & Significance

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As expected, most of the work I’ve been doing during the last few weeks is helping clients crystalize and mobilize their Vision & Goals for the New Year and all I can say is that there are some really determined people out there… people with big dreams and severe determination – I believe its going to be a good one, especially for those who have a compelling vision, a SMART plan and a strong desire to see their dreams come to fruition.

On the 31st of December while reflecting on the year that was and eagerly anticipating the year ahead my wife and I were relaxing on our patio with some friends and we started a very interesting conversation…

I asked all of them “What is your WORD for 2014?”

What is the WORD that will carry you through the tough times?

What is the one WORD that you will have fixed to your subconscious mind that will show up when your mental toughness is challenged?

I asked this question because sometimes it is good to have just a single word that can give you a boost in times of weakness.

Debbie responded by saying “My WORD for 2014 is PASSION”

Now, here is a word we hear very often but it still remains a powerful word…

Imagine if you could maintain high levels of passion towards your vision throughout the year?

Professional Athletes call this state of mind and body “Being in the Zone”, some Psychologists refer to it as “A state of flow” and some people call it “Being Connected” Regardless of the label you place on this state of being, the million dollar question is HOW?

If you are like Debbie and your word is PASSION then you need to believe whole-heartedly that your dream is worth it! Lets face it nobody will wake up every single day filled with PASSION and energy, there will be days when this PASSION will have to be manually injected through a process of autosuggestion, self talk and affirmations and the only thing that will enable this process is having a dream that is worth it! A dream that is worth the trouble, worth the struggle and worth the pain of waking up and injecting a substantial dose of PASSION into your mind, body and soul… even when all the chips are down!

Lesley responded by saying, “My WORD is TRACTION!”

This process of TRACTION or as I like to call it incremental progress is something many people overlook and yet the feelings of accomplishment associated with TRACTION is very often all you need to propel you to the next level in your journey towards your dream.

TRACTION is found in knowing just a little more than you did the day before, it is running just a little longer than you did the week before, it is dealing with obstacles with more composure and poise than you did a year ago, it is going up on stage with more confidence than the last time you were asked to do a presentation…

While success and achievement refers to a destination, TRACTION refers to the journey so as you move closer and closer towards your dream always remember to enjoy the journey.

Liesl responded by saying, “My WORD is PERSEVERANCE!”

Many people will start the year by writing down their vision and goals and do not prepare themselves mentally for the challenges that lie ahead; this is because most people either live with the hope that nothing will go wrong; alternatively they aim very low in the hope that they will have a smooth journey.

While most people will do everything in their power to avoid adversity, this word PERSEVERANCE suggests that Liesl is anticipating it and is mentally preparing herself to push through if and when it arises.

It is true that the champions of the world embrace adversity because deep down they know that during this process they will learn and grow.

Please don’t give up on your dreams and goals, think about everything you have achieved in your life, think about all the obstacles you have overcome… you know in your heart that you are a fighter so you owe it to yourself not to give up; accept that the challenges will come and very often they will come through the things the people you love most but remember to PERSEVERE, you cannot and will not fail BUT you will learn and grow :-)

My word for 2014 is SIGNIFICANCE

A few years ago I was taught the difference between “SUCCESS” and “SIGNIFICANCE” and it absolutely blew my mind! I knew that if could focus on being significant then success would be automatic.

Success is attained when I achieve my personal goals and milestones!

SIGNIFICANCE is attained when I assist devote all my efforts to the accomplishments and milestones of others!

I have found that this is surely the most powerful way to start a New Year,a mindset with a single focus and that is the “the enablement of other peoples dreams” it is a mind set that will set you free from trying to impress people with your skills and or talents.

This mindset is one that is focused on helping others achieve their goals, whether it is a customer, a colleague, a family member or your leader this mindset allows you the freedom to think creatively about ways and means to help them overcome the challenges they face in their lives.

The first month of 2014 is already over and if you feel like you need a little something that will help you along the way, consider a word that resonates with you and the plans you have made for yourself and use it to keep you going as you make 2014 a memorable time in your life.

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