Is your business positively anchored or weighed down by negatives?

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Currently, South Africans are being inundated with a barrage of negative messaging from a wide variety of sources and platforms, from news outlets to social media posts.

Anger, insecurity and fear breed anger, insecurity and fear. These emotions are toxic to your success on any level and can destroy all the hard work that you have put into improving your life or your business; they push you into making defensive decisions rather than proactive ones, spreading the negativity to employees, contemporaries and even family members.

“If it has your ears and your eyes, then it has your attention. If it has your attention then it has your heart and if it has your heart, it will surely have your voice,” says MD of 2one2, personal development coach and professional speaker, Quinton Douman.

“However, if you choose to be anchored in voices and messaging that inspire hope and confidence, then your internal dialogue will reflect that, providing you with the perspective and emotional freedom from which great decisions can manifest, and making you someone others can turn to for positive reinforcement and inspiration.

“People may ask ‘How can we have hope and confidence in our country and economy at a time like this?’ My answer is, how can we not?

“This is a time when an overflow of hope, love and confidence is imperative and when we need to become selective about the voices we expose ourselves to, so as not to be influenced by those whose aspirations and intentions are not in line with our own or be seduced into repeating and reinforcing them.

Coping strategies

“Start by implementing a no-compromise strategy regarding your consumption of information. Do not read everything in your newsfeed; you need to become highly selective about whom you listen to and whom you spend your time with.

“Find your anchor; this is a good time to go back to the roots of your business – the reason you started it in the first place.

“Revisit your strengths and talents – the things you are absolutely great at – and, if you know that what you are good at still has the power to solve problems in society or your business, then use it as your anchor and don’t quit.

“Reawaken the core values of your business. Walt Disney believed with his whole heart that one could assert one’s will on the world. He believed that anything was possible and his belief in possibility was his highest value, serving as a wonderful anchor in his decision-making.”

Invest in personal development

“Quiet periods and lower revenue are to be expected all over, so plan for it; use the time wisely to invest in your personal development as a leader, learn and study more, and encourage your people to do the same. Use the time to solidify your team, engage in activities that will enhance the commitment of everyone to the overall vision of your business, so that when the season changes – and it will change – you will be ready, better equipped and perfectly positioned to win.

“There is a lot going on in now; our currency is weak, racism is prevalent and there is an increase in news sources that consistently publish articles that sow seeds of division and anger in the name of profit. It is easy to feel discouraged – but now is the time to be grounded and anchored in the belief that we will weather this storm and will come out victorious,” concludes Douman.

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