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Leadership: What time is it? It is decision time!

Strong leadership skills are widely acknowledged as vital tools in providing companies with a competitive edge in today’s business environment. Quinton Douman, MD of 212 Business Consulting, elaborates that if you are a leader – be it of a franchised business, a...

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Make powerful decisions for achieving your goals in 2016

Personal development coach and a professional speaker Quinton Douman offers sage advice on how to hold on to your enthusiasm and visions of success, and to power through 2016 with your self-respect firmly intact. taekwandoToo often, the excitement and enthusiasm we...

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Decide to FINISH

The idea of keeping the promises you make to yourself is significant to me because for a big part of my life I carried with me a propensity to leave things incomplete; always full of excitement in the beginning, speaking with conviction about the things I was going to...

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Before you QUIT… try this one thing!

If you are an entrepreneur or any type of sales-person and you find yourself in a place where you are seriously considering calling it a day and ultimately quitting your journey in entrepreneurship, then I urge you to do this one last thing before you move on. Launch...

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Rejection – use it to serve you

Rejection is part of life! Use it to serve you! Don’t allow it to immobilize you! Whenever someone says no it means that in that moment they did not see enough value in what you were offering, this is very important because every moment of rejection is empowering you...

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Sam’s Dad

I was doing a Seminar in Cape Town about a year ago for a group of Salespeople, I was explaining the concept of Locus of Control and strangely enough it was one of those sessions where most of the people in the audience had not heard about it before. The LOC (Locus Of...

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Passion, Traction, Perseverance & Significance

As expected, most of the work I’ve been doing during the last few weeks is helping clients crystalize and mobilize their Vision & Goals for the New Year and all I can say is that there are some really determined people out there… people with big dreams and severe...

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Three Words…

Years after my wedding day these words still prove to be one of the greatest things I have ever learned… Bill Price taught me this to make me a better husband but it has also saved me many times in my Business… A few months before Liesl and I got married, my manager...

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Compare and DIE

So many of our problems exist as a result of the unhealthy comparisons we make… We draw foolish comparisons between the apparent success of others with the prevailing struggle in our own lives… we watch how some people on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram seemingly have...

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