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Almost, very nearly, but not quite

How to spend the rest of 2016 I took the picture below on the 10th green at Randpark Golf Course yesterday. If you are a golfer then the image will immediately trigger a memory of one or more times where you almost made it. Golfers lose their minds when this happens –...

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Five rules for a successful corporate career

The challenges that come with building a corporate career can be tough. Many people think that it is not as challenging as running your own business, but that is very far from being true. While the challenges may be different, both journeys require people to have...

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Great leaders open doors!

Great leaders open doors Three connections that will help them to be successful in the role On a flight from Johannesburg to Cape Town a few weeks ago, I took out my laptop and decided to watch one of my favourite movies, The Goal. It's an oldie but a goodie and also...

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Should you offer products or services for free?

Is it a bad idea to offer your products and services for free when trying to build your business? Firstly, when you are selling a service that you are both passionate about (and especially gifted in) it is very easy to fall in love with the work and not pay enough...

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When clients don’t respond, just stay on their radar

Timing is everything We have all been in situations where we've sent out quotes or proposals to potential customers and then don't hear back from them. What do you do? As entrepreneurs, we love the negotiation part so we hope for a response. If it's yes, great! If...

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A Balance of Power, Key to Effective Negotiations

A Balance of Power, Key to Effective Negotiations It was at the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) that I learned about Porter’s 5 Forces as a business analysis tool (see image below). It works really well when reviewing the strategic position of any...

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Spring means ONE THING!

Spring means ONE THING! “Be like a postage stamp – stick to one thing until you get there.” – Josh Billings It is a new season and for those of us in the southern hemisphere, it is the beginning of spring. The days are becoming longer and the sun seems to be shining a...

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The people here want to retire here!

I haven’t written an article for a few months now, but during the last 8 weeks I’ve been working with a group of leaders and managers who happen to be one of the highest producing sales teams for the largest and longest-running life insurance company in South Africa....

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Rejection is an essential path to growth – use it to serve you

Every accomplished entrepreneur, success book or business seminar out there can tell you that rejection or failure is part of the process of success and a stepping stone towards achieving your goals. MD of 212 Business Consulting, Quinton Douman agrees and says that...

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