Quinton Douman

Developing people is our highest
value and our greatest privilege!

Quinton Douman

Improve your life
with One Habit at a Time

Quinton Douman

Commit only to goals, projects, assignments,
that are aligned to your highest values!

Quinton Douman

Great leaders are
Decisive, Deliberate & Determined!

Quinton Douman

Many are hungry for success but few
have an appetite for the process!

What Quinton Douman Offers you

We believe that people are inherently good and gifted and our primary goal is to activate your greatness that lies within. Our learning Philosophy is centred on working with everything that is already “right” with you.

When going through our development programs, you will experience a special focus on superior decision making, powered by Values, Vision and Virtues (V3) “Powerful & Exciting stuff!”

To be a partner on your Personal Development journey is a great privilege for us and also a responsibility which we take very seriously and therefore promise to pull out all the stops to create memorable learning experiences for you.

The Resolve Leadership Program is designed to empower you to become a master at decision making and become a person with great RESOLVE!. The skill that separates the resolute from everyone else is their ability to make good decisions and to carry out their decisions with unwavering perseverance.. read more

The role of leadership, by definition, means that the weight of decisions falls onto your shoulders. Strong leadership skills are widely acknowledged as vital tools in providing companies with a competitive edge in today’s business environment. If you are a leader – be it of a franchised business, a global corporation, a family or a country – it’s always decision time.

  • Personal Development 100%
  • Decision Making 100%
  • High Performance Training 100%
  • Learning Solutions for Sales 100%
  • Entrepreneurship 100%
  • Leadership 100%

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“Commit only to goals, projects, assignments, that are aligned to your highest values!”


“Fill your diary with activities that bring you closer to the achievement of your visions.”


“Don’t’ you dare give up on your goals! I know it’s Tough, but don’t you dare Give Up!”

I have had the honor of seeing Quinton in action several times. He is to speaking/consulting as a brush is to an Artist. He has a way to transfer knowledge that is so rare nowadays. What I find most refreshing is how he can relate to someone on the front lines and have a high level discussion with Executives. If you’re looking to build your human capital or create change within your organization, I would recommend speaking with him today.

Brian Parsley

President of Weskill, Charlotte North Carolina

Quinton Douman exerts a presence wherever he shows up. If it be on the golf course or the soccer field where he is a gifted sportsman, or on the podium as leader or speaker, Quinton owns the space he enters into. He has a proven record of leadership from a very early stage of his life and has a reputation of building excellent teams. He is a solid individual and principle driven person that has the ability not to only communicate but to really connect with those he engages with.

Pieter van der Merwe

Psychologist and Organisational Development Consultant

Activate the Greatness Within

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